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Multifunctional Pest Control

Model:  SUNM-U9

Input Voltage:90-250V

Output power:6-8W

Materail: ABS

Net weight: 65g

Plug: EU/UK/US

Ultrasonic frequency: 25-74KHz

Electromagnetic Wave:180Gs

Effective range: 1800-2000 Sq.Ft

Certification: CE/FCC/ROHS

Product details


Uses state of the art ultrasonic + ElectroMagnetic technology to drive pests away

With 2 Ultrasonic speakers, more powerful, widely effective range.

Surges digitally-processed magnetic vibrations through the wiring deep within your walls where pests nest and breed. Transforms your home into an uninviting, hostile environment for pests.

With smart switch to control 2 night lights, and the energy-conserving blue lights automatically illuminates dark corners and hallways with a soft glow.

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